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About SJS

Faculty and Staff

Senior Administrative Team

List of 16 members.

  • Photo of 丹尼尔 Alig

    丹尼尔 “丹” Alig 

    Head of School
    713-850-0222, Ext. 400
  • Photo of Christine 伦

    Christine “克里斯” 伦 

    Associate Head of School
    713-850-0222, Ext. 240
  • Photo of Akram Anoushehi

    Akram Anoushehi 

    Director of Technology
    713-850-0222, Ext. 279
  • Photo of 考特尼 汉堡

    考特尼 汉堡 

    Director of Admission
    713-850-0222, Ext. 229
  • Photo of 大卫 科恩

    大卫 科恩 

    Director of og体育app
    713-850-0222 Ext. 435
  • Photo of 道格拉斯 哈默尔

    道格拉斯 “豆豆” 哈默尔 

    General Counsel
    713-850-0222 Ext. 211
  • Photo of 玛格丽特 亨利

    玛格丽特 “梅根” 亨利 

    Head of Middle School
    713-850-0222, Ext. 462
  • Photo of 安德鲁 赫尔曼

    安德鲁 赫尔曼 

    Interim Head of Lower School
    713-850-0222 Ext. 244
  • Photo of D 'Hania 亨特

    D 'Hania 亨特 

    Director of Community Engagement, Associate Director of Admission, Upper School 数学ematics
    713-850-0222 Ext. 314
  • Photo of 约翰 麦当劳

    约翰 “比尔” 麦当劳 

    Director of Fine 艺术, Middle/Upper School 剧院
    713-850-0222, Ext. 600
  • Photo of 内德 穆里根

    内德 穆里根 

    Director of Spiritual Life
    713-850-0222 Ext. 422
  • Photo of 苏珊 芒森

    苏珊 芒森 

    Director of Communications
  • Photo of Dawsey 罗梅罗

    Dawsey 罗梅罗 

    Director of Advancement
  • Photo of 格雷格 天鹅

    格雷格 天鹅 

    Chief Financial Officer
  • Photo of 垦利  Turville

    垦利  Turville 

    Director of College Counseling
    713-850-0222 Ext. 309
  • Photo of 凯文 Weatherill

    凯文 Weatherill 

    Head of Upper School
    713-850-0222 Ext. 402

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